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Hi Everyone,

I’ve spoken and wrote a lot about Financial Life Planning in recent months.  With over 20 years experience in the Financial Services business, I’ve witnessed a fair bit – the good and the bad!

Why I believe so strongly specifically in Financial Life Planning (I call it a ‘Life Without Limits’) is that I’ve seen first-hand how it truly transforms people’s lives.  These are the same people that I have looked after for many years on an ‘advice’ basis.  That was fine for the client and I in the past, but now thankfully we have a completely different relationship and a special long-term partnership where I keep them accountable to their goals and dreams on an ongoing basis.

Financial Life Planning allows me to inspire people to embrace their lives and achieve their most personal goals – to live a ‘Life Without Limits’.  That gives me huge satisfaction in my job every day to see the difference we are making and the amazing relationships we are forming all the time.

Why is Financial Life Planning so important for people?  Well, if you look at the way and the order I deliver what we do outlined below, you should hopefully understand:-

  1. Life Planning – I get to know your own unique story.  I have to understand you and what you truly want to achieve for yourself and your loved ones.  This number one step is critical and is the most important step in everything we do for you now and into the future.
  2. Financial Planning – The Financial Plan.  After understanding you in the first step, we create and implement The Financial Plan to help you reach your personal goals and dreams.
  3. Financial Advice – The recommendation of financial products (if any) to support The Financial Plan.  Only when I know your story and your financial plan can I advise on the most suitable products for you.  Without knowing you, the product advice piece is a waste of your time!

I will continue to educate others in the power of Financial Life Planning in the future via social media and webinars.  If you would like more information on how we can help you to a ‘Life Without Limits’, please do let me know.

Best Wishes

Rory Brazil – The Money Mentor

QFA, Life Planner, Certified Money Coach (CMC)

Posted on June 02, 2020 By Rory Brazil