Why Put Your Trust in a Financial Advisor?

When dealing with financial management, trust must be built in the early stages of the client and financial advisor relationship. I get it! I might help manage other people’s finances, but I still have the same apprehensions that my client’s experience about creating a better financial future for my family.

Building trust is a crucial part of any business, whether financial, medical, professional or sales related. Without that connection to the person you want to work with, it becomes a stilted process.

What can a financial advisor do for me?

Before you start on that journey of trust, you need to do a little research. Firstly, you should work out what you need assistance or support with. That might be looking to make an investment, protecting your assets, or creating a retirement plan. Once you’re clear on your goal, you can start to look for the right financial advisor.

A good advisor will make sure you don’t settle for ‘good enough’ because they understand that talking about your finances can be scary. This is where communication skills are so vital. Having a financial advisor who listens to you, reads between the lines for any discomfort you may be feeling, understands where you may be struggling, and provides you with a solution is where you want to aim.

How will they support me?

When finding the right financial adviser for you, it’s worth understanding what the company’s aim, mission, or passion includes.

What’s our why? Here at Brazil Financial Planning, we want you to feel inspired to live your dreams. We become your coach and mentor to help you make positive changes to your life today and for the future.

To support a client looking for those same goals means guiding them through an initial process of understanding what matters. That advice continues as you assess any potential challenges and put a plan of action in place to meet your financial needs.

It’s a hand holding process where you receive the right help and advice at each stage. This means you remain in control of your financial future at all times, but you have the comfort of knowing you are fully supported by a professional.

What should I look for?

We all have our own ways of connecting with people, but here are a few of our favourite attributes:

Patience – the right financial advisor, will take time to methodically and patiently explain the programme, making sure it’s right for you and your family. They will listen to what you have to say and include relevant recommendations.

Social proof – what have other client’s said? How has their experience shaped their financial future?

Rory has been advising me on my financial interests for the past 12 months. I have found him to be very knowledgeable in terms of what options best suit my circumstances and very meticulous in his advice. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rory and his company to friends and colleagues.” Gerry Greene, Mobil Information Systems Ltd

Values – if your financial advisor guides you with integrity, passion, and honesty, your relationship will flourish, and your finances will be in safe hands. Discovering the core values of any advisor is a worthwhile exercise. When you can align with someone, you can build that all-important trust.

What next?

Our financial life planning service, ‘Life Without Limits,’ helps you understand what is most important to you and why. Your goals are unique to you and your family. Identifying these needs and wants allows you to create and maintain the lifestyle you and your family desire.

Our DREAM methodology looks at your finances in terms of your values, dreams, and objectives while building a trusted relationship.

Discover – Where are you today, and where do you want to be?

Realise – Identify your priorities and visualise your goals

Everest – There will be challenges, but we help you overcome them

Action – Agree and implement the financial plan to get you to where you want to be

Mentorship – Bringing together your financial and life plans and guiding you along the way

If you’re ready to live the DREAM, get in touch for a chat.

What’s included in the DREAM programme?

  • Discovery Meeting – Where you want to be
  • Realise Meeting – Identify your goals
  • Everest Meeting – Assess any challenges
  • Action Meeting – Implementation of your plan
  • Mentorship
  • Your resources and goal commitment
  • The Financial Plan
  • Investment Personality Profile
  • Investment Strategy
  • Protecting Your Assets
  • Product Portfolio
  • Half Yearly Progress Check
  • Ongoing Financial Tips, Planning, Awareness

Need more help?

Create your financial life plan with Ireland’s first RLP® financial life planner, Rory, to discuss how his programme can shape your future and allow you to live a life without limits.

Financial Life Planning sessions are conducted face to face or over Zoom/Skype/Teams. Book your call today HERE.


Posted on June 15, 2021 By Rory Brazil